We all over slept this morning and were in a mad dash rush to get the girls ready for school and J- out the door for work.

This resulted in a late start to my morning routine of chores, e-mails, calendar updates and other tasks that I typically will tackle each morning. Then a wonderful friend brought her daughter over for a visit. The two children played while we adults enjoyed conversation-as in adult conversation. We made them grilled cheese for lunch with crackers and raisins. Something we could just throw together quickly and make them smile.

Now that company has left, most of my chores are not done and Q- is refusing to nap, I have decided it is a TV day. She is tired, no doubt. With the heat we have had lately, she is not sleeping through the night. Plus, she had lots of fun with a friend. They were running laps down the hall and through the living room, to see who could run the fastest. There are tiny Legos spread across the entire living room-please step carefully in bare feet. Q- is now perfectly content to sprawl across the floor, staring at Scooby-Doo. Sounds good to me.

Most days, I turn the TV off at the same time each morning and we listen to the radio. Not today. She is tired, recovering from having pink eye last week, and was filled with energy while her friend was here. Nothing wrong with a little down time with one of the best cartoons ever!

Within the next half hour, her sisters will be home from school and then she will jump up, wanting their attention. And the energy will resume.