Wonderful novel by Nora Roberts. The title is Come Sundown.

If you are looking for a “who dunnit” with a little romance and danger mixed together, this is a novel that must be read 🙂 The plot completely draws the reader in. Who? Why? What happens next? Part of the story is told in flashbacks from years previous. This is really important to the storyline. These flashbacks explain who and why, finally helping to build the climax and resolution. During one major scene of the story, my mind was racing. Are you serious? Did that really just happen? It cannot end like this!!! Then I turned the page and was thrown for a loop that almost made my heart stop.

Downside was early on in the story. Within the first four chapters I had already guessed the who and at the end my guess was correct. However, reading the entire story, learning how this person became the who was intriguing. The plot has twists that drew me until I could not put the book down. The need to know was demanding. How could this have happened? 

I love the fact that it leaves no unanswered questions. As the story closes out, there is a solid sense of finality for all of the characters. If they were real people, I would swear that they had found all the peace and happiness in the world by the last page. That is what I call a must read novel.

This author brings her characters to life in a way that makes them seem real. She gives them personality and identity; almost as if they could be the lady down the street. I found myself-yet again-wanting to celebrate with the main characters. I wanted to shout with them and laugh. No idea how Ms. Roberts comes up with her stories, but she is so awesome!!!!