I love a good clearance sale:) Especially on home office supplies.

When I moved out of my Dad’s place, I took with me a very large dry erase board that he never used. I still have it. The board is bent and scratched, yet serviceable.  When we moved to our new home, we decided to keep it but not mount it on the wall. Now we no longer need it and I will find it a new home.

About a month ago, a local retailer had a fabulous clearance sale going on for home office. Needless to say, I now have a brand new white board. This one is a calendar as well. As part of my attempts to be more organized, we are using this one calendar/board to list everything.

Photo by IMAMA LAVI on Pexels.com

We still have alerts programed into our phones of course, but his makes life so much easier. Each of us has a different color marker. We post all events, meetings, appointments, holidays, trips, you name it. J- mounted it on the wall by the front door next to where the shoes and backpacks go. I love it!

We have been using it for just shy of a full month now. We are no longer late to as many events. J- is no longer asking me numerous times a day, “what is going on tomorrow?” or “do we have plans this weekend?”. The man can remember measurements from the closet organizer he installed a year ago, but cannot remember what is on the schedule for tomorrow.

D- is old enough to help monitor her own activities and she likes being able to add items as needed. It definitely helps to have one more person updating family info. A- is learning more about time and how calendars work. It is shocking to realize that she still struggles to read a calendar and struggles to remember the order of the days of the week.

Keeping everything tracked in one central location is a tip that I have read hundreds of times in articles, books and blogs. We have a year-long family day planner that I enter everything into. Then it is transcribed onto the white board each month. Originally, I was hoping the day planner would be enough, however, it just did not work well for the girls.

Becoming better organized is a learning process. As with many other topics, the resources are endless. I have a better sense of calm when I know what is on the calendar and when something is happening. This has been helping with certain areas of my anxiety. Although it took a while and trying more than one idea, this new white board seems to be the best fit for us.