We all eat lunch meat at some point in time in our lives. Growing up, I hated it. My Dad would buy the cheapest, most processed lunch meat possible. It made my stomach churn, even as a child. This leaves me as a picky eater as an adult.

Lunch meat is a “must have at all times” in our kitchen. We brown bag lunches for J-, D-, and A-. When I was working, I did as well. Q- thinks the best thing in the world is meat wrapped around cheese cubes with crackers on the side. We add it to our eggs and our salads. I think I have made my point.

This being said, back in 2006 I bought a meat slicer. After saving money for two months, we purchased an apartment sized, home use meat slicer at a store that is no longer in business. This machine is awesome! Buy in bulk, run it through the machine and ta-da! Lunch meat for weeks. Of course, we use the vacuum seal machine to store everything in packages.

By doing this, we have saved money and eaten healthier. Instead of buying the processed stuff, I buy the actual hams and slice them myself. We buy hunks of meat in bulk at the local warehouse club store, slice it, seal it, and toss it into the deep freeze. We love it. The girls enjoy it when I am working on the packaging because they help themselves as the official taste testers before the food is frozen. You should see Q- today. She stuffed herself silly on ham while I was working on it.

Here is the sad part: the motor is going out. During the last few months, I have noticed the machine working slower and sounding louder. Today, it kept turning off while I was using it and the smell was terrible. An hour later and the kitchen still smells of burnt rubber and oil. The machine is finally starting to cool down. Chances are we will not be able to fix the motor. This makes me sad 😦

Now I need to go on the hunt for a new one to replace this one. It is great that it has lasted so many years, but it is never fun when a much used kitchen appliance breaks down.

Which kitchen appliance do you rely on the most?