Sometimes people surprise me. I am not a big fan of surprises-it messes with my anxiety. I am way too much of a control freak to truly enjoy surprises. Yet, everyone once in a while, there are exceptions to this.

Last week J- came home from running a few errands, handed me a brand new laptop and said, “Now will you go back to school?”

Talk about a surprise! My laptop is more than 8 years old. The list of problems with it is endless. About a year ago, I was trying to take a few college courses online. The computer would randomly freeze or shut down while I was in the middle of an assignment. Due to these technical problems, I really did struggle with my classes and felt defeated. In the past, my grades were always at the top. This last time around, they were only mid-range.

Going back to college has been a sore spot in my life. When I have tried, J- is not supportive. He never asks how my classes are going. He does not help out with extra chores. He seems completely oblivious to how much work goes into college classes. I have always thought that he did not want me to go to school.

For years, I have wanted to go back to school and earn a second degree. Now I understand why he was working overtime for several weeks. He came up with the money to buy a new computer and to put a down payment towards my tuition for this fall semester. Happy days!!!

Currently, I am one-third of the way through my degree. The classes I am registered for will get me that much closer. One of them sounds really boring. It is a tech class all about computers, formatting and documents. The other class sounds fantastic! This degree is in the legal field and this class really digs into the topics of law and how it is applied. Super excited!!!!!

If all goes well, I will finish my degree a few months before Q- starts kindergarten. This means I will be able to jump right into the field and begin working. Wish me luck!!