Welcome to summer in Minnesota. We are in the middle of a terrible heat wave. Temps in the 80s and 90s, with a heat index that makes it feel like we are in the triple digits.

I have never handled the heat well in my memory. Heat and humidity are terrible for me. I have trouble breathing, my head spins, I have zero energy and no appetite. Sleep is broken at best and I would rather sleep during the daylight hours. Of course, with children, this is not possible.

For the life of me, I have never understood why so many people love summer. My headaches are worse, my back kills, my mood is lower and even my therapist notices how down I am during the summer months. Give me snow and wind chills any day! During the winter I feel so much better.

J- loves summer. He thrives on it. Today is a Sunday and he was still out of bed before 6 a.m. It is also a very rainy day today. He is still out helping a neighbor with a home remodeling project. The warmer and brighter the weather, the happier he is. The two younger girls are so much like him. They love this time of year. In a perfect world, I could bottle some of their energy and sell it. 🙂

D- on the other hand is not acting like herself lately. She has become distant and avoids leaving her room. As a mom, I do what comes naturally to me: I bug the crap out of her until she starts talking about whatever is on her mind. At least she is no longer hiding in her room. The main thing bothering her is the fact that her best friend is on vacation for two weeks. They are not able to talk or hang out and she is bummed. D- has also told me that the humidity has been giving her headaches and making her dizzy. Yesterday she drank a gallon of water through the course of the day and still had a headache. I am debating if I should take her to see her M.D.

Have you ever noticed how the weather impacts people’s moods and behaviors? Each of us have a time of year that we live for. And each of us has a season that we just do not enjoy. For me, summer time has always been the season I wish to avoid. Too many impacts to my moods and my energy level.

What is your favorite season? How does summer affect you?