How time flies! Summer is half over and we are still running at full speed. The girls are enjoying their summer activities, as well as bike riding with the neighbor girls. Slumber parties seem to be a twice weekly event around here and yard work is endless. We are loving all of it 🙂

Not loving the summer heat and humidity. Welcome to summer in Minnesota. Between the actual temp and the heat index, we are triple digits for 14 days solid. Yuck!! The humidity is murder. I have been having trouble breathing. It saps all of my energy. I am used to it though. This is normal for me each summer. J- on the other hand, thrives in this weather. He is on the go constantly and truly enjoys it. The girls are more like him.

We are still planning a trip to the zoo, another trip up north to visit my mom, a day at the conservatory, a first time trip to the arboretum and a day at the MOA (mall of America). Plus the birthday parties that are scheduled for this summer and back to school at the end of August. The two oldest girls are not the only ones going to school; me too!!!

Summer has never been my favorite time of year, but this summer seems different. We are having fun together as a family. And the last two weeks has brought me more time with friends that I have lost contact with over the last year. Winter is still my favorite time of year, but this summer is going well and I am so thankful for that!

Of course, we still have our issues. The girls seem to be allergic to chores for the last week. They spend so much time having fun, that they are tired out when I ask them to clean up after themselves. A- is learning to do dishes and this seems to be the only chore she is willing to do. She finally learned to make Jell-O and Q- learned how to make Kool-Aid. This is pretty good for a 3 year-old. All three of the girls are learning to help with yard work. They like getting paid afterwards 🙂 D- has learned how to make two different pasta dishes for dinner. One of them she made by herself. The only part I helped with was draining the hot water from the noodles because she was nervous she would drop the large pan.

A good friend of mine gave me a wok earlier this summer. I started using it immediately. It is a work in progress, however, we have had several tasty dinners from it. I keep over cooking the peapods, but I will get better at it.

How have you spent summer so far?