Still continuing on my quest to become more organized. The book that I am following gives ideas for tasks that should be done monthly. One task is to pick a drawer or cupboard-anywhere in the home-and clean it out completely.

Last week I choose the small storage cupboard in our bathroom that is a catch-all for everything. It contains the extra bath items, extra first aid items, and a random assortment of things that belong in the bathroom, but are hardly ever used. It only took about 20 minutes to empty it, dust it out, sort through everything and toss out what needed to be tossed. I found the missing bottle of shampoo that was bought a few months ago that J- swears was no where to be found. Needless to say, most of the items were junk or well past expiration and went in the trash. I even found a few children’s toys that had made their way into the bathroom instead of into the toy bin where they belonged. Hmmm….

Yes, this was a dusty task and one that I have avoided for months. Now that it is over with, I feel better. The cupboard is now half empty, I realized we were out of body wash and restocked the first aid kit with items that are no expired. I have not decided which drawer I will tackle next, however, this is definitely a pattern that I want to keep up with and make a regular habit. This week I have been trying to instill this idea into the girls. They should pick one dresser drawer to organize or one area of their toys to clean up. Anyone want to guess how well that is going?

After living life as a packrat, becoming organized is not an easy task. Truthfully, it is much more difficult that I thought it would be. Far more time consuming as well. When I started this journey, I thought it would take time and sweat. Wow! Did I ever under estimate what it would take. My thought process dictates that if I am going to do something, then it must be done now and with perfection. Sorting through the clutter of a lifetime does not mesh with this mentality. Often times I feel like a failure because I cannot do everything and get it all done right this minute. Again, negative self-talk bombards me. How did I let myself turn into my father? How did I allow myself to live like this?

Journaling has been my go to. I have always kept a journal and turning to this is definitely helping. When these feelings start crowding my mind, I start writing and reminding myself of everything that I have accomplished. It has been several months of small chores adding up to make a noticeable difference. This is giving me the encouragement to keep going. It would be nice if my family would show some appreciation for any of this. It would be fantastic if they would also help a little more. Baby steps.

If you tackled one drawer this month, which one would it be?