Summer vacation is in full swing for our family. The living room has turned into an art studio for the girls. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, play dough and beads are everywhere!

All three of the girls enjoy arts & crafts. Even our new kitty is getting in on the projects:) D- is learning to crochet this summer and wants to tackle knitting this fall. At the beginning of summer, we had a two-foot tall stack of coloring books. This has now been drastically depleted. At least we have ideas for Christmas gifts for the girls now.

Trying to teach a 3-year old how to make beaded jewelry is not easy, but it is fun. Of course, all three girls find something to argue about while exploring the world of art. They refuse to share coloring books and A- wants to dictate which colors her sisters may use. One of the grandparents gave our family two digital cameras. One for me and another for the girls to share. This has also been added to the arts & crafts the girls are spending so much time on. D- wants to also make tie-dyed clothing this summer. This will be our weekend project in August. It will be better to do this outside, instead of in the kitchen. I am going to make something for myself as well.

Since we have so many beautiful works of art now scattered around the house, today we are going to start mailing them out to the various grandparents and other family members. Each girl will also get to write a note to them as well. Hopefully this will help A- with her spelling.

Any ideas for child friendly art projects? I would love ideas:)