Any adult that has ever had to help any child get ready for back to school knows exactly how challenging this task can be. The endless supply list that is given by the school, then the added supplies asked for by each teacher after classes have begun. Supplies for your student, plus the supplies listed as “communal material”. The new haircuts (oh! how agonizing for high school!), new shoes, new clothing, sports, clubs, equipment and the dreaded task of getting young ones back on schedule to wake up at 6 a.m. Have I ever mentioned that I am NOT a morning person?

Now add my own need to be prepared for classes. In just over a week, my college classes begin. This is more exciting that Christmas morning! I feel like I could just bubble over with excitement. It has been extremely difficult to keep it to myself. Not everyone shares my love of school, nor does everyone want to hear me ramble about the syllabus for each class. But I just want to jump up and down! I love this! Back to school time has always been my favorite; even as a child. We all have backpacks and after this weekend, we will all have the necessary notebooks, binders and folders. Since I picked up the first half of my textbooks already, I plan on reading a little this weekend as well. 🙂

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Our family also received some excellent news: Q- might be able to attend the early pre-school program this fall offered at the local primary school! Beyond fabulous!!! I am jumping for joy at this news. I would officially have all three girls in school this fall for the first time ever!! If you could see me, you would notice the excitement. Her birthday falls after the cutoff deadline for our district, however, she was listed as ADHD by her primary care. This means the school might admit her anyways for the extra year of help and extra special ed programs.

She will only be attending a few days a week, but that is still wonderful. That would make all four of us in school at the same time. I cannot explain why this makes me feel so happy, it just does. Q- really wants to go to school with her sisters. I want to finish my degree. Education just seems to be one of the biggest things the girls and I have in common with such enthusiasm.

We are also organizing a study area at home. A place where each of us will be able to join together for homework and various education projects. The space is complete with a dictionary and thesaurus, pencil sharpener, extra batteries, art supplies, a future “to read” list, and a math encyclopedia to help D- with her advanced math classes. It is important that the girls have a say in this area. They need to be comfortable with it as well. This means there will be plenty of bright colors and some art work taped to the walls. This space will also include a bin for each of them to put their school papers when they empty their bags each day.

This weekend will be about the shopping. Next week will be all about the clothing and haircuts, back to school sports physicals and last minute ortho appointments. And cheer leading also begins next week for D-. Girl Scouts start up again the second week of school for A-. Busy, busy. Wish me luck.

To all of the other adults facing this: breath! You got this, things will be just fine. And ordering pizza for dinner or hitting up the local Chinese place during the first week of school is not a bad thing. Think of it as comfort food and comfort conversation to connect with the kiddos while everyone adjusts.