Books! I love books. In a perfect world, I would have my own home library similar to the heavenly vision Beast gave to Belle in the Disney version of the movie.

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Today, while reading an old magazine, there is an article detailing the importance of reading. It is important for the brain and emotional health. Who knew it has been scientifically proven that good old-fashion reading is so hugely important?

I have always tried to impress upon my daughters the importance of a good book. So many things can be learned from reading. Problem solving skills, different forms of communication, expanding ones’ vocabulary, increasing imagination, faster processing of information, opening new doors for new opportunities. The list is endless. I asked D- why she thought reading is important:

Reading can teach you about what is going on in life, teach you about history, bring you to different places in the world, get lost in a book, you feel like you are in their, expands your mind.  -D

I recommend checking out the article. Make time for reading Family Circle Magazine. Sept 2017 issue.

Why do you think reading is important?