Happy hot and muggy Saturday! The humidity is killing us. Over the last several weeks, I have been increasing my water intake and exercising more. Since January, I have been slowly increasing my activity level, working on my plank, push-ups, yoga and then including workout videos.

My energy level has doubled. I love it! Since I know that I have back problems, I have been using the low impact versions of workouts. This past week was awesome! So much energy. Three different videos completed from Sunday through Wednesday. And then my back went out 😦

I spent two days on the couch, hardly able to move. J- hurt his back at work and is now in a back brace. I am so grateful to our family friend. He came over on Thursday evening and made dinner for all of us and helped take care of the girls. Both of us were in massive amounts of pain and dealing with limited ability to move. This guy was great! He feed the girls, reminded them to pick up and brush their teeth. Our family is blessed to have this person as a friend.

Now I am slowly starting to move again. The workouts will be put on hold for a few days and today will be just general stretches from the physical therapist. I have no idea what I did to hurt myself, but OMG!!! The pain was terrible 😦 Just taking a shower made me cry.

Someone please educate me. I love to exercise. During high school I was introduced to weight lifting and sweat drenching workout videos. I fell in love! Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to workout. It is depressing. Movement is good for the body and the mind. Why is something that is good for me so painful?

Thoughts on exercise?