First week of classes was awesome!

This semester I am only taking two classes. One of them is has my undivided attention. Government and Laws. This class is fascinating. I became so wrapped up in the material, that I finished the entire weeks worth of reading & assignments in only three days. I am already half way through next weeks material.

Have you ever actually read the Constitution? Or the Bill of Rights? If the answer is no, then you should. And I mean actually read them. Nothing in high school civics class compares to actually reading these documents. This is my second time reading through both of them. Perhaps my love of these documents is why I so strongly believe everyone should take part in politics on some level.

The other class is a requirement for formatting documents and technology stuff. Boring, yet necessary. My typing speed has remained about the same over the last four years. There is no hope of it ever increasing. I went so far as to reach out to my physical therapist the last time I took online courses. She said given the nerve damage in my hands and the problem with my wrist, eventually my speed will start to slow down and their is nothing that can be done about it. The upsetting part of this class, is that part of my grade is based on my speed increase from the beginning of the semester until the end. Time for paperwork to be submitted to the college, just in case.

I feel as if I should not say anything right now, almost like I am going to jinx myself, but here goes: if my grades are high enough this semester, my overall GPA will be enough to admit me to the honors society!!! This is something I have always wanted!

Wish me luck:)