Do you like Apple Cake?


I love apples! The girls eat them all of the time. They are the one fruit that must be in the house, always. Thanks to a close friend of mine-and her parents backyard trees-I was given a large bag filled with apples. They are crisp and tart. Perfect for baking with.

In my attempt to eat healthier and cook more at home, I looked up a recipe for apple cake. I never realized how many different versions are on the internet. To begin with, I started with a recipe I found on facebook. It is a page called Rosie’s Recipes and anyone can search for it and request to join. In the past, I have used many of the crockpot suggestions they offer and my family has loved each one. So of course, this is where I began with a new cake recipe.

Number one best thing: I can pronounce & identify each of the ingredients without a dictionary. I know what is in this cake. I know where the apples came from. And it tastes pretty good considering how it turned out. Just add a cup of tea on the side.

I learned that self-rising flour is not the same as all-purpose. Perhaps I should have started this with “I am not the best baker and I lack knowledge.” Granted, open a box and add eggs, then bake. Those I can do in record time.

Actually creating a batter and baking the cake-in a pan I have never used before-is something new. I am glad I tried it. When the directions stated it would be a stiff batter, they were not joking! The amount of effort it took to stir it by hand caused my fibit to track that I was exercising! This was hilarious to me:) And the perfect excuse to have an extra large slice after dinner. This is a really simple recipe to follow. Even with the arduous task of stirring, it is quick to mix up. The baking takes the longest time.


J- had no idea that the cake did not turn out the right way. It was too flat, a little under baked and dense. And thanks to Q- hanging on my legs, the glaze crystalized in the wrong way. Oh well, better to ruin the glaze instead of wearing it or burning someone. The recipe gave no tips for removal from the Bundt pan. That was trial and error-emphasis on error as you can see. I will try again this week. During my weekend trip to the grocery store, I bought self-rising flour! Wish me luck 🙂