I am exhausted!

This is the fifth week of my classes, all three girls are in school, two girls have already missed school due to illness and today was the first official ‘no school’ day for our district. Add on cheer leading, church & youth group, ortho appointments and scouts…overload!

Did I mention that I am sick? No idea what is wrong, but I have been fighting something for almost two weeks now. I finally gave in and scheduled an appointment at the clinic for tomorrow. The simple task of taking the girls to the library today drained me so much that my head was spinning by the time we pulled into the driveway. I had to sit in the car for a full 30 seconds before I could stand up without feeling dizzy. Yep, I called the clinic.

D- finally has her braces off! She has to go back in next month for her retainer. She is beyond ecstatic. She cannot stop smiling now. D- looks happier, spends less time in her room and is looking at people more directly when she speaks to them. All good signs:) All along I was concerned about her self-esteem while wearing braces for almost three years. However, the condition of her jaw and teeth required it. Now she no longer has a 90% overbite. This has helped correct her speech tremendously over the last three years.

A- is loving second grade. Her teacher is the coolest. At least, that is what A- tells me on a regular basis. Science and random experiments are pushed on the regular in this classroom. Even math and reading are turned into experiments. A- loves this. I say, more power to the teacher! You found a way to grab a students attention; keep it up:)

Q- is loving pre-school. She asks to go each day. Then cries and stomps her feet on the off days. Her class is only two days per week. This causes lots of stomping. I am so glad we no longer live in an apartment with people beneath our unit.

I hope all is well for everyone else. September seems to be an extremely busy time for everyone, not just families. When my classes started up, I became distracted. Then the girls began school shortly afterwards. Since then I have spent almost zero time on anything other than school, chores and children. All of my hobbies have come to a grinding halt. Organizing has not been on my mind for almost a month now. Truthfully, only the most basic of chores have been accomplished lately. I think some of this has to do with whatever I have been fighting. In early August, I had a sinus infection. After the meds, I felt better for a little while. Then I started feeling ick again. It was random off and on for awhile. Two weeks ago, it hit me again. And as off last Friday, it almost knocked me off my feet. The slightest task drains me and sends me for a nap.

Welcome to cold and flu season in the Mid-West! I really need to order more of my probiotics and begin taking them again. The few years that I use vitamins or probiotics, I never get sick. Not once. The years that I take nothing, I spend almost all winter sick with something. And it is not just me. The local schools are already having problems with a nasty cough and fevers. Students are already missing school due to this. The two eldest girls each missed a day. Another parent I know had her three school-agers all home sick for two days last week. We are not even a full month into the school year yet! This is going to be a long winter and a tough flu season.