Where has time gone? I am already six weeks into the semester. And still getting A’s in both classes!

My school has mandatory advising week with the department heads each semester. That is all done for me as well. My advisor gave me the green light to register for spring semester classes, introduced me to a gentleman that processes scholarship applications and she also recommended me for the honors society on campus. Lastly, she also thinks I will graduate in three more semesters. This semester feels amazing!!!!

I am working diligently on all of my assignments and readings. This is a change for me. In years past, I skipped the readings and still earned top grades. This semester, I am determined to actually read all of the material. My test scores have never been so high. Tonight’s test was a perfect 100% score!

The legal system is so much fun to study. Have you ever realized how often people use legal jargon in daily life? Or on T.V.? Last night while watching a show with J-, my head snapped up from my yarn. The character was using legal jargon incorrectly. I almost yelled at the T.V. J- gave me an odd look and then ignored me. I find this situation funny.

This is a complex system to learn. There are numerous levels, terminology, differences between state and federal jurisdiction…on and on and on. Trying to learn how each step of the legal process connects with the next is fascinating. I am looking forward to this career field!