Happy weekend! Anyone else busy?

Yesterday was a busy day for us. J- had mandatory overtime at work. I took the girls to the public library yesterday morning. A- had a troop event there, so I brought all three girls along. D- discovered the world of audio books available for checkout.

The troop was given a tour of the library by the head librarian. They were allowed access to areas of the building that are off limits to the public, learned how new books are entered into the library system, discovered the library has a summer Lego club for school age children, offers a summer reading program for ages 3 thru adult, with prizes awarded at the end of summer for each age group, has book club meetings for each age group during the school year, and other programs.

We are a troop of second graders. They did not know what a CD is! They thought it was a DVD. “What do you mean, it plays sound?” It was sooo cute! It was an hour long tour and the girls loved it! A- could not wait to tell her Dad all about it last night. Something as simple as a library tour made my baby happy:) I wish people could have seen the smiles, the look of awe as the girls entered the new book room where the staff work. With each new event they learned about, they bounced higher and higher. They were practically doing jumping jacks by the end.

Then it was back home-with a new book selection of course-time for lunch and chores. Then I headed out to grocery shop. The rest of the day was spent just hanging around the house. Did I mention the repair guy showed up? We have heat!!!! The furnace works! It was one small part that took less than 20 minutes to install. We are all warm now.

Today was another meeting, just for the adults: i.e. me. Lasted way longer than I expected, but it was informational. Now it will be easier to plan future activities for the troop. This is going to be fun. The girls asked their principal to be a guest speaker at a troop meeting. How cool is that?

Today is cool and gray. It is the perfect day for reading or playing in the yard. I wish I could bake, but the oven is still not working. Oh, how I miss my oven! J- said he will figure it out eventually. He left this morning right after I woke up. I will try to talk to him again tonight about it.

My to-do list for the day is long and I know most of it will not be accomplished. I am just fine with that. The girls are playing, D- spent part of the morning curled up with a book, and they are going to help make dinner tonight. D- enjoys learning how to cook. A- and Q- just like being in the kitchen and spending time with me.