Warning: Rant!

There is proof that this world is filled with some of the most intellectually dense schmucks I have ever heard of! While doing homework for my criminal law class, I am studying a current case of a man who is facing felony charges because his son shot himself in the leg with a gun.

This man is a parent!! Yet he told his son to lie to the hospital about how the injury happened. This resulted in the bullet being left in the child’s leg for TWO DAYS after the first visit to the hospital!! Two days!! Then the child had to be brought back to the hospital because the wound was not healing, in fact, it was getting worse!

I cannot believe the idiocy of some parents! Dad kept guns in the house when I was a child and not one of them was locked up. I knew where he kept some of them. And he educated me about gun safety from an early age. I would never, and mean never dream of playing with a gun! To this day, my dad was crawl out of his grave just to take the belt to my backside if I was playing with a gun.

There is a huge difference between using a gun for a purpose like hunting or target shooting or a competition, versus just playing with one in a bedroom because you are curious. We do not own any guns, yet I still talk to all three of the girls about gun safety. I express over and over again that they never pick up a weapon without an adult being with them. Never point a gun at anyone, including themselves. And always assume a gun is loaded no matter what!

It is jackass parents like this one that gives all gun owners a bad name. I am so glad that I am only studying this case and not part of the actual case. The emotional momma in me would get the better of me. And the logical, educated part of me takes no pity on this man. All I can do is cringe in horror at the complete and utter lack of brain power.

Obviously, common sense is not common:(