Winter is my favorite time of year. I love the cold, the dark, the wind, and the ankle deep snow. There is just something special about the frigid air freezing my lungs in less than 5 minutes:) Such an energy rush.

Have you ever been to the North Shore? Come to Minnesota during the winter. Go straight to Duluth and walk along the ice shores of Lake Superior. Walk out on the ice-if it is safe-turn around, and see the city lights from a new angle. Magic. Then hit the road and go straight to the North Shore. The drive is spectacular. Run around the frozen falls, climb any trails you find buried in the snow, take pics of the scenery. Any photographers out there? If yes, this is your winter wonderland. Climb to the top of Split Rock Lighthouse and be engulfed in the sprawling views. It is almost spiritual.

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I have never understood why people do not like winter. Why people only want to be indoors. This is Minnesota people! Winter is 8 months of the year! Embrace it. Walk the trails, visit as many lakes as possible, go downtown to all of the ice sculpting festivals they host. Head downtown and see the light displays. Go up north to see winter and nature in all their glory. Go outside! Running around outside is good for your health. Physical and mental health.

In the last week, I have been invited to an inside lunch at a friends house, an expensive day at an indoor playland for children, and a late dinner at a friends house. Notice a theme? Everything is inside and surrounded by children who are trapped inside. Not good for my mental health. Not once has any of my friends wanted to brave the cold and wet. And now they do not want to brave the snow. They want to stay inside until spring. Boring… If that is the case, I have several closets that desperately need my attention.

In an odd coincidence, my new issue of BH&G just came in the mail. The editor’s letter is titled The Great Outdoors. I suggest everyone find this article. Read it, then think about how you can apply it in your life this winter. His ideas are universal for all us.

The three girls spent an hour playing in the snow yesterday. They came back soaked, rosy cheeked and asking for hot cocoa. After they were in dry clothing, wrapped in blankets, and served cocoa, we all laughed about the fun they had and the things they built in the snow. And today will see all of us back outside, doing it again. Best mood booster I know of-accept coffee.


See the article in Better Homes & Gardens, January 2019 issue.