New year and time for a new planner.

We all have things in our lives that we need to keep organized. Family, birthdays, appointments, goals, due dates, the evil dentist, etc. Pick something that works for you. Nothing electronic for me please. Bullet Journals seem to be the best option for me.

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Traditional day planners were my go-to for years, but they never truly met my needs. This lead to a day planner, two different notebooks and tons of sticky notes. Most of these items were lost at some point in time, and information was scattered everywhere. Not helpful. The day planner was so thick, is never fit in my purse and I no longer carry a diaper bag around. My penmanship is much to large for the traditional pre-printed planners, and something was always missing from them.

A friend of mine posted on FB about bullet journals this past September. I asked her what it was and she responded that she had no clue. I googled it. I looked it up on YouTube and Pinterest. I’m hooked. I went straight to the office supply store and bought my first bullet journal. My girls gave me some stickers and creative supplies for it in my stocking for Christmas. It is going super for me.

On the living room wall is a dry erase monthly calendar. This is the spot everything is written on. Each of us has a different colored marker and I update as we go. This works out best for J- because he is terrible at remembering anything. A- is learning more about calendars and schedules, so this is helping her. Now she has to pick her activities with more attention. She does not realize she is learning time management by doing this. Q- is just learning how to read a calendar, so she gets to help. At age 3, it is important to go slow, but to include her.

My bullet journal is open to the family. Anyone can read it. Daily, weekly, monthly schedules are listed. Notes about new foods, notes about a book I have read, comments about movies we have watched. I created a savings tracker for the month of January. It is mostly for me and my own goals-which revolve around my family. However, anyone in the house can look through it for information.

I have tried several different designs. There is another layout I want to try for next week. That is one of the best parts about bullet journals, I can change the designs, layouts, goals, tasks and topics at random. I use simple designs for slow weeks and detailed layouts for busy weeks. All necessary information is now located in one place.

How do you plan?