Great, exciting news! I shaved over 3 minutes off my time!!!

On the treadmill at my gym, I use the fit test-army preset. How fast can I do 2 miles on the treadmill? I started out at 41 minutes and 33 seconds, see previous post: Y. Yesterday’s time was 36 minutes, 59 seconds! This is cause for celebration:)

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During 2018, I set a goal to plank for 2 minutes total. This never happened. I tried, but gave up. This is how fear can interfere with the best of plans. During an attempt, Q- jumped on my lower back. This put me out of action for a few days and scared the daylights out of me. The pain was sever. I could not even work on the computer for almost 2 weeks, because sitting down to type was just to must. Now, I am facing my fear. She understands that she cannot jump on my back anymore. Starting over from the beginning, I am at 40 seconds. Fear is still preventing me from pushing too hard and too fast, but it is not preventing me from trying.

I am not scared of the pain. Pain is normal for me and I just accept it as part of daily life. I am scared of the limitations that come with it. Most pain is something I can ignore and just push through. My fear comes from the fact that I have spent time on the floor, unable to move, unable to walk for days at a time. These memories are what scare me. The knowledge that it could happen again at anytime and there is nothing I can do about it. There is nothing that the doctors can do about it. I live in soul shattering fear that I will end up like my Dad. Numerous back surgeries, trouble functioning in daily life and eventually in a wheel chair. This has been a life long fear.

On a positive note, I have a wonderful therapist that helps me work through my fear & anxiety; and a wonderful M.D. that monitors my back. This is what I call a support network. I am still using Plexus to help me with my health goals as well. Best product I have ever been introduced to. Go slim! And I have also discovered a new favorite snack: kale, eggs, and cheese. So yummy!

I am in a good mood with lots of energy today. I hope everyone else has a terrific day:)

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