****Warning: This contains judgmental attitude problem****

black cat walking on road
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

If you have a pet, take care of the damn thing! Welcome to Minnesota. Our winters are cold, wet, icy, snowy, sometimes frigid and mostly dark. It is common for people to own cats that are both indoor & outdoor animals. Our cats are indoor only. My neighbor is a jerk right now. His cat is an indoor/outdoor pet. He ignores this cat and leaves him outside for hours at a time, sometimes overnight.

After dinner last night, I heard a meow from outside. I opened the door to find the cat waiting. He ran right inside the kitchen and headed straight towards the food dish for my own kitties. He has been here ever since. We have opened the door five different times to allow him access to leave and he is just not interested. The farthest he has gone is to the driveway. Then he turned around and came straight back inside. He is familiar with us and has been here before. Our cats are used to him.

I am not worried about fleas or ticks or anything like that. He is a clean cat. He let me brush him last night, which gave me the opportunity to check his fur. Unlike my own two cats, he will not jump into the bathtub while it has water in it, but he will let me give him a sponge bath in my lap.

This cat has been outside-in below freezing temps-since Monday. Until he came to visit us last night. And my neighbor knows that the cat is here! He says it is up to me and I can just toss him outside if I want him to leave. I will NOT toss an animal outside during the winter. Grrrrrr…… This mentality irks me more than words can say in writing. I have known this cat since he was only 8 weeks old. He is such a sweetie. He is free to go whenever he pleases, but if he decides to spend a few days, I will let him. I am so glad that I stocked up on cat food and litter earlier this week.

I have never understood why people let their animals run around outside during the winter without making accommodations. Have a cat door someplace on your house for them to enter. Or have some sort of weather proof shelter in the yard for them. Ensure some source of food outside if they are going to run around for hours or days at a time. Yes, this means every other stray in the area will be attracted to your yard, but that is just a fact that must be dealt with. If a person is not willing to provide for the outside hours, keep your damn cat inside the house!

Our area has at least 5 stray cats. This number is down from last year. We also have wild rabbits and racoons. Since we are so far out in the country, at times we can hear wolves in the wooded distance. They have never been seen, but we have occasionally heard them howling. In the two years we have lived here, no one on my block has ever seen them. I still see this as a reason to keep cats indoors; at the very least, during the overnight.

Another lady I know lives about 5 miles from me. She also has outdoor cats. But she has a barn, and the cats have a very posh setup in the barn. My own kitties would love it! I see nothing wrong with her way of keeping the cats. They run around her property, but still have a clean, warm place of their own. This particular kitty does not. Can you tell I am cranky?