What did you want to do during 2018? Where did you want to go? Did it all happen?

Reading the book Organize Now!, it gives the suggestion of starting the new year with a better plan. Nothing carved in stone, but a general outline of what you hope for the next year. The author suggests looking back at everything you had planned on doing the previous year, but never got around to. Schedule them right away for some time during the upcoming year. Then add anything new around it. Please see Organize: Day Planner

Focus on what has meaning to you and your family. Is it a weekend trip? Picnics at your favorite park? Events with certain people that mean a lot to you? More family time in general? Schedule these events/activities first, then follow up with listing all birthday’s & anniversaries. Next should be routine appointments with M.D.’s, dentist, eye doctor, etc. If you have children, add in any dates for the year that you know are important. We have the entire year’s worth of dates for conferences and no-school days.

She gives really nice details about this and clear examples. For the complete topic, please see her book. I think this book is something everyone should have a copy of. Another source I found with excellent tips is Whitney English from Day Designer for Bluesky. She goes so far as to provide an example checklist of items to consider on your calendar for the year. Of course, customize it as needed to fit your life. Her list reminded me of items that I typically do not like about until the event is right on top of me. Now that I have figure these items into my yearly overview, I feel more confident about my time management and feel I am less likely to forget something important. Both of these sources have given me a boost that I am honestly grateful for.