The oven works!!!

Oh, happy day! Actually, happy week. We have been without a working oven since the weekend before school began in September. Now it has been replaced, curtesy of a neighbor. And we have been using it every day since it was installed.

person flattening dough with rolling pin
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Not only have we tried a few new dinner recipes, but we have also whipped up a few of our favorites that have been off the menu for 5 months! Our family has been eating very well this past week. Also two cakes, one loaf of coconut bread, two dozen mini blueberry muffins and two dozen oatmeal raisin cookies. Those are cooling as we speak:)

Added bonus, the furnace has been turned down because the oven is providing so much warmth for us. Another bonus, the amount of time we are spending listening to music and cooking. All of us are in the kitchen together now. It takes twice as long to prepare dinner, yet the girls are having more fun and eating better.

Many people think that spending time with their children is numero uno, and I will typically agree. However, baking and cooking has always been something I do for myself, alone. Teaching the girls how to cook has been a trigger for my anxiety, yet I am doing it. They need to be part of what they eat, they need to learn about nutrition and this is something we can do together. To counter my stress, I am taking more time for my own baking and more time for my yarn work.

Back to the positive and the excitement. The oven has been deeply missed by our family and we are doing everything we can to welcome it back. What is on your menu for this week?