Morning all:)

Last night was pretty awesome. The girls and I went to the YMCA for open swim. They offer a wading pool for little ones, water slides for older children and good swimmers and what they call water features. Water features are a bunch of small slides and raining water falls, like any good water park offers. Best of all, it is all inside!

The girls had a blast! I helped the younger two work on floating and holding their breath under water for 10 seconds. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I seen D- smile so much. It made my heart warm. I forgot how tired swimming makes me.

Although we are broke, having this membership is a huge bonus for us. Times like this week make outdoor activities difficult. Wind chills today are about -20 degrees, with strong wind gusts. Tomorrow is going to be even colder. Not the ideal conditions for playing outside. Being at the YMCA means we can still get out and do something together.

What do you do when the weather prevents outside time?

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