I feel like no matter which source I read, there is immense pressure for things like ibotta and credit monitoring. So….peer pressure, peer pressure…

I gave in to the pressure around me and signed up. So far on ibotta, I have saved $15 in only three weeks. I cannot pass up deals like “0.75 back on any brand of bread” or “0.50 back on any brand of eggs.” Most of the items we purchase on a regular basis have some form of coupon on ibotta. This was shocking to me. I had always assumed these deals were for random items that I would never buy. And I get to link my Groupon to it as well. More money back for doing what I have been doing for how many years? Even money back on cat food. This is a big deal now that we have 3 cats. Am I becoming that crazy cat lady? See previous post Furry House Guest

Downside, I cannot cash out until I reach the $20 mark, but at least it will happen quickly. Face it, we all need to save money. This is something that seems to be working for me. I have no idea if it will help anyone else save money, but I do recommend at least reading up on it.

I also signed up for credit karma. The results are no where near as bad as I thought they would be. Truthfully, not all of my info is listed there and that is one of the reasons it looks better than what it actually is. But some of my debt is over ten years old. I do not think that it will really show up anymore. Although, it would be nice if the one debt I did manage to pay in January would actually be reported as paid. I will wait and see. If nothing changes, then I will submit my proof of payment to the credit agencies.

I went to nine schools, k-12. Not a single one of them taught about credit scores, loan applications, credit monitoring or how to fix bad credit. Thank you Dad for teaching me this at home. My daughters are not learning any of this in school either. D- tells me that I am boring her with this information. Hey kid! You need to learn these things!!

My credit scores are almost at rock bottom and my debt-to-income ratio is enough to make me cry (literally). Yet, I still manage to review my info on a regular basis. Over the years I have found very few mistakes. Those that I have found, were all resolved in my favor. This is a huge deal people! It takes longer to review the info than it does to submit a dispute. That is assuming you know where your financial records are and keep payments filed correctly.

As I tell D-, one of the easiest things you can do is to have a filing system that works for your style of organization. Keep proof of payment and all tax info for a specific time period. Then shred everything!