Fortune Cookie says: Good clothes open many doors. Go shopping.

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Think about the new beginning as a new wardrobe. How many doors can be opened for you with a new start?

Start with the big picture. Grab pen & paper and write down what is your big picture. Actually write it down. Don’t just think about it, don’t just talk about it, actually write it with your own hand. Make it an outline, bullet points, a journal entry, a letter to your future self, an analytical report, any style you want. Want to learn something new? Write it down. Want to take a class? Want to spend more time with a family member you have lost touch with? Write it down.

Remember, this is the big picture of your year. No need to stress about the finer points, dates, times, locations or money aspect. Just jot down the main points you dream about hitting during the course of daily life of the next year.

These big picture items are the new clothes that we all need for ourselves and our futures. Committing these ideas to something other than just dreams, opens the doors we will eventually walk through. No, we will not hit every last thing on the list, but that can also be a good thing. Just working towards something new, something bigger than the daily mundane, opens doors to contentment and fulfillment.

This is a serious subject for me. Depression controls so much of my life, that just leaving my home causes a panic attack. Yet, I still dream. I journal daily. And yes, I keep track of the big picture as often as I can. For 2018, my big picture list was endless. But I also kept track of my success.


  • Caught up on some sewing projects
  • Crochet scarves for all three girls
  • Use my cookbooks more often
  • Try new foods. Turns out I love asparagus!
  • Use my crockpot more often. Now, it almost never leaves my counter:)
  • Earn A’s in both of my fall semester classes
  • Drink more water

This last one is still a work in progress, but I count it as a success because there as already been noticeable improvement towards that goal. Most of the items on my list have to do with my health. Either my diet, my mental health, my confidence, or a combination of these. All part of my big picture focus to become healthier. To become stronger and maybe start to care about myself one day. Also, to teach my daughters that mental health or physical health does not need to hold them back. They are in control of both, and they can make changes in aspects of their lives that they are not happy with.

If the big picture is your wardrobe, what do you want in it?

What doors are you hoping open for you one day?