A belated Christmas gift from a friend of mine is a brand new day planner/bullet journal that I wanted! Organize: Day Planner We were finally able to meet up earlier this week and she handed it to me. I literally began jumping up and down in her kitchen, followed by a huge hug from me. She knows me so well:)

Bullet journals are a new-ish thing for me. I joined in the trend this past August and decided it is the perfect thing to have for someone like me. Traditional planners have never contained everything I wanted, which makes bullet journals the best fit.

True, I lack artistic ability to draw some features. This planner is awesome because it comes with a printed calendar. I do not have to draw in my own calendar!!! But it also has all of the blank, dot matrix features of a traditional bullet journal, so I am able to customize it however I want to meet our needs. Talk about the ability to become organized!! Organize: Day Planner, 2

And it came at the perfect time. My previous bujo (bullet journal) is almost full. Once I started working on the new year and my attempts to organize everything for cookie season (go girl scout cookies!!), the pages filled up so fast. This lady is a terrific friend and I am one happy mama!! 🙂

Becoming organized is a learning process for each person. There is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each person & family requires different styles of organization. It is an actual type of on-going education because the learning never ends. As each child grows, the style must grow with them. As my own daily life changes, my organization style must change with it. Perhaps this is why I love planners so much. They are tangible objects to encourage growth and learning. The girls are paying more attention to what I am doing. I have noticed that they are beginning to think about organization on their own and they are thinking about what works for them; especially my teenager. This is wonderful!

Hope all is well with everyone:)