Hello all, my name is Mom and I am 36 years-old. I lack self-esteem so much that I am not ready to list my real name yet. Maybe someday I will feel confident enough to do so. Here is some random info about myself.

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and I think more people should come visit because this state is awesome!! We have city life and events as well as country quiet and out doors activities. Basically, we have it all. I could not imagine living any place other than right here, even though I do want to visit numerous other places in the world. Minnesota will always be home and heart. I can trace one branch of my family back to Sweden in 1872. This is when they relocated to Minnesota and stayed here. I have even visited the cemetery many of them are buried in. This is the same cemetery that my dad is buried in. I am related to more than half of the people resting there. That place gives me a feeling of loss that I have never been able to describe in words.

We have three cats, I have three daughters, my favorite color is purple, I detest onions, I have two tattoos and want more. My tongue is pierced, I have 7 earrings, and my belly button was pierced years ago until my then 2 year old pulled it out one day. OUCH!!!!! I have never broken any major bones and no surgeries (as of yet). I have never colored my hair, I have never left the country, I do not use drugs, I am anti-drug and people who drink and drive irk me. Don’t do it!

I absolutely love long drives with loud music. There is nothing better than hitting the highway while Bone Thugs & Harmony is blaring through my speakers and just driving! Warning: our state troopers will nail you for doing 91 mph in a 70mph zone. And that ticket is expensive:( Lesson learned years ago. Ahh..the ignorance of youth with a lead foot.

I consider myself to be a rather boring and shy person. I have always compensated for my shyness by being loud and boisterous in social situations. Since I have zero self-esteem, I have always questioned if I am shy or if it is something deeper. My anxiety makes it difficult to be around other people and I am more comfortable in a crowd than just one-on-one with a stranger. People do not believe me when I admit that I am shy and insecure, but it is the honest truth. It has taken me years to admit this out loud and the response is not what I expected. Being shy was something I was embarrassed about and I learned that there is no need to be embarrassed.

Caribou coffee is my fav! If you come to Minnesota, you must try it. They are the best and Star Bucks has nothing on them. Caribou wins, hands down. There is no one type of music I prefer over another and there is not a single decade of music that is better than another in my opinion. I enjoy all music and strongly believe that each decade has brought something new to our culture. Thank you to the UK for all of the music you have sent to us over the years; you sincerely have my gratitude. Books are a weakness of mine. I will gladly ignore the realities of life so I may crawl into a book and get lost for hours. There is just something magical about delving into the words of an author and trying to see what it is they are sharing. A book! A book! My kingdom for a book!!

As for religion, I have more questions than answers, but I also have a strong faith. I joined a Bible study that is geared towards debate and exploring an individuals questions about religion. It has been so helpful and enlightening. If you will forgive the emotion, I feel so much closer to my beliefs now than I did two years ago when I began these meetings. I encourage my children to explore religion, but I will not force it on them. I have a brother that is borderline atheist, a sister who proclaims to follow the ancient Druid religion, an uncle that was a devote Baptist and a dad that read both the Bible and the Koran because he believed a person needed both to honor their faith. Any conversation about religion is a good one and I enjoy them.

I have many interests and hobbies, yet I have never found something to be passionate about in my life. Truth be told, I feel as if I have wasted my life and have absolutely nothing to show for it. There is nothing that I devote my life to. And I feel the missing pieces deeply. Hopefully, one day I will find something that I can devote myself to and be passionate about.

What other questions can I answer? Is there something my readers want to know about me? Ask away.