Wow! The amount of effort that goes into kitchen prep is just insane!!!

Grocery shopping has not really happened during the last two weeks, neither has meal planning. Work, children’s activities and additional training at work as made daily life a chaotic mess of just winging it.

Today was the day we all went to the grocery store and restocked. Probably the most expensive shopping trip we have done in over three months. The fridge has been scrubbed. Dates have been checked and condiments have been rotated. Another list as already been started of items that we are running low on, but do not need to replace as of yet.

Produce is taking time. Wash it, divide it, package it. Some of it I freeze in my vacuum sealer machine. Some I puree to add to meals that we cook. Some of it has already been eaten because shopping made the girls hungry and they wanted grapes. Some of it is for juicing and that is something that I have not started yet. Endless…

Next is the main cupboard. Everything needs to be rotated and I need a solid inventory of what I actually have. Meal planning has already begun for this week, but there are two days that I need to find something for. Let us see what is in the cupboard. I have no desire to go back to the store until I absolutely must do so. That will most likely be Thursday.

Snacks are ready for the next few days. The girls get to pick their own snack items for their lunches and after school. Things like fruit, granola bars, hard boiled eggs, crackers, carrot sticks. Most of these items are now ready and at their disposal. Lunches for tomorrow are half packed. It will not take much to finish them off. Then I still need to pack my own lunch. Working in a restaurant has the definite set back of no longer finding its menu appealing. And I really do not want to buy my lunch every day.

I still have another two hours of prep work and clean up in the kitchen tonight, not including dinner. This is a perfect reminder of why I am grateful for the time I usually have each week to stay on top of the kitchen prep and daily duties. And why I am grateful that the two older girls have taken such an interest in the cooking and prep work. They are proving to be a help-and sometimes a challenge:)

What type of kitchen prep do you do for the week?