End of August already?! Where has the time gone?

Writer’s block hit me hard. So has my depression. This has lead to going through the motions each day required to survive and nothing more. I have not been able to think of anything worth while to write about. Even now, I struggle.

The end of summer ushers in the start of a new school year. D- is 16 now and wants to learn how to drive. A- is excited to meet her new teachers. Q- is upset because she has another year to wait. There are not any free options for pre-school in our area unless it is only 3 hours a day, twice a week. This is not possible when I work days.

We got a puppy at the beginning of April. He is just the cutest! And he is destroying the house. When will puppy teething end? Friskie Cat had kittens; 4 of them. Two are spoken for once they are old enough and I am trying to find homes for the other two.

I’m working full-time still at McDonalds. This is a good thing and a bad thing. More on this later. As I write this, one of the kittens is staring at me in the cutest way. I will miss these little critters, but there is no way we are keeping them. My niece wants one, but her dad has not agreed yet. If he says yes, then 3 will have new homes.

We made a few trips to Duluth this summer. Spent a day at Gooseberry Falls. Roscoe puppy had his first swimming lesson at the Falls. Now he wants to jump in water as often as possible. We have spent numerous hours at the YMCA. The girls enjoy swimming and playing in the kids room. D- has lost interest in the gym, but is beginning to ask about going again. This is a positive in my mind. It is amazing how much this girl has grown over the summer; physically and mentally.

Bills are still piling up. My attempts to become more organized have failed completely. I cannot remember the last time I actually cleared out my e-mails. And I just want to sleep for the next 12 hours. There is not much to show for this summer, yet it is not the worst summer of my life. I consider this a win and count myself blessed.